World's first outdoor binocular AR glasses from Lawaken and JBD


Recently, Lawaken, the first Chinese AI+AR fashion brand, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jade Bird Display, a top MicroLED micro-display manufacturer to use cutting-edge MicroLED panels in their first consumer-grade AR smart glasses, which will be officially released in mid-October.

The "AI+AR" glasses launched by Lawaken combine AR capabilities and voice interaction technology from digital human, to enable functions such as 4G network, streaming music, navigation, photography, video and so on. The glasses are also capable of independent networking, power supply, computing and acoustic system. To accommodate the trendy lifestyle of the younger generation, the glasses are designed as a highly integrated one-piece binocular AR glasses with hands free use, outdoor usage/visibility, shaping the future trend of life.



JBD provides a MicroLED micro-display solution with ultra-small size, ultra-high brightness and low power consumption, which perfectly meets the overall requirements of Lawaken AR glasses, including stylish design, high-brightness for outdoor readability, and long battery life. The MicroLED micro-display is in mass production using a very mature production process. Based on the needs and synergies between the two parties, Lawaken and JBD cooperate to realize the first consumer-grade outdoor AR smart glasses.

JBD MicroLED technology enables the world's first outdoor binocular AR glasses


JBD 0.13”MicroLED Panel 

Compared with viewing videos, games and other applications indoors, due to the higher ambient lighting conditions, viewing of content in an outdoor environment require orders of magnitude higher brightness from the display whilst still meeting the demandsfor portability, comfort, and battery life of AR glasses.

JBD provides Lawaken AR glasses the industry's smallest, extremely low-power consuming, high-brightness and mass-produced micro-display solution to realize real "wireless wearable". The 0.13-inch MicroLED panel for the AR glasses weighs only 0.2g and can provide brightness of up to 4 million nits to meet the requirements of complex ambient light condition; while the ultra-low power consumption of 100 mW can support ultra-long standby time. The 0.13-inch display does not require additional driver chips, the optical engine with such panel can be very small and easily embedded in the AR glasses, so that the binocular AR glasses weigh as less as ordinary sunglasses, and are easy and comfortable to wear out of doors by freeing your hands.