JBD offers active matrix inorganic  microLED display chips and panels with  wavelength ranging from UV to visible to IR.  The pixel pitch ranges from 400 dpi to 10,000 dpi with a varity of resolutions.  With high brightness, high EQE, high reliability, these panels are ideal for AR, VR, HUD, projector, weapon sights, 3D printing, microscope, etc.  

Control Boards


We offers control circuit boards to drive all JBD's microLED micro-display chips. Customers have options to directly adopt JBD's control boards or design their own control board/chip with JBD's assistant and instructions. We also offer development kits and other accessories to assist a customer to evaluate our product. 



Wavelength, resolution, pixel pitch, brightness, form factor of the microLED micro-display panel can be tailored to a customer's unique requirements and specifications.  Contact us and we will customize the micro-display panels for your applications.  



Founded in 2015, JBD has been focusing on developing smallest, brightest, and most efficient microLED micro-display panels.  JBD has achieved ultra-high yield and uniformity on the III-V and III-Nitride epilayer transfer and bonding onto CMOS wafers, making the hybrid integration technology commercially viable. JBD is currently transitioning from a research-and-development phase into a manufacturing-and-sales phase.  In April 2019, JBD is releasing a 5-micron-pitch series.  This series contains monochromatic panels with a resolution of 1280 by 720.  The 2.5-um pitch engineering samples are also available to customers by request.  The 2.5-um pitch series is scheduled to be released in late 2020.  With a pilot fab established in Shanghai CHINA, JBD continues to expand its manufacturing capacity and extend its development effort to support its customers.