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MicroLED 0.13" Display
MicroLED 0.13" Display


AmµLED™ 0.13" series of MicroLED displays has an active area of 0.13” (3.3 mm) in diagonal and a resolution of 640X480, possibly making it the world's smallest and brightest VGA display panel ever made. Small and extremely powerful, the panels deliver luminance of 0.5 M nits, 4 M nits, and 0.5M nits for red, green and blue, respectively for a power consumption of only a few hundred milliwatts under average operation conditions. Due to its ultra-compact footprint, high brightness, micro lens array (PixelOptics™) & end-of-line uniformity (Demura) correction this display has been widely accepted by OEMs developing information based Augmented reality systems such as Smart glasses, Sports AR glasses/goggles, sports optics & HUD for motorcycles. 

Key Parameters


Resolution640 * 480

ColorMonochrome (RGB)

Pixel pitch4 μm

Dimension of active area2.64 mm * 2.02 mm

Brightness>4,500,000 nits (G)

Gray level8 bit

Typical power consumption100 mW

Data rate25 ~ 100 Hz

Refresh rate25 ~ 125 Hz


Weight~ 0.2 g

Operating temperature-20℃ ~ 80℃

Storage temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃