JBD Unveils ARTCs: Revolutionary Equipment Redefines Image Quality Standards for Waveguide-based AR Glasses

Shanghai, April 19, 2024 - JBD, a leading manufacturer of advanced MicroLED displays, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking AR Waveguide Display Testing and Correction Equipment - ARTCs. As the industry's first solution of addressing non-uniformities in diffractive waveguides, ARTCs delivers a major breakthrough in improving display image quality. It paves the way to meet consumer expectations for waveguide AR glasses, delivering exceptional visual experiences.

The combination of MicroLED & diffractive waveguide has the merits of high brightness, low power consumption, eyewear form factor, and transparent design. It perfectly aligns with the demand for lightweight, aesthetic & socially acceptable AR glasses. However, diffractive waveguides introduce brightness and color non-uniformity/distortion, which hinders the widespread adoption of AR waveguides. 


Picture 1.png

ARTCs Workflow


The solution comprises of ARTCs waveguide equipment, proprietary waveguide image quality algorithms, and projector-side computing. This innovative system dramatically improves display uniformity and effectively suppresses visual artefacts.


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ARTCs Correction Comparison


The ARTCs can increase global brightness uniformity from under 40% to over 80%, and decrease color difference ΔE from over 0.1 to a mere 0.02. This eliminates visual artefacts such as color distortion and graininess of the image, achieving remarkable image quality on waveguide displays. ARTCs supports image correction at the IC level, enabling real-time compensation and optimization of waveguide uniformity.


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ARTCs Waveguide Correction Equipment


ARTCs provides the industry's first equipment dedicated to correcting and optimizing the image quality of waveguide AR glasses. The waveguide characterization is extracted and correction coefficients are calculated with advanced algorithms. As a system-level demura solution, it can correct non-uniformities in waveguide displays originating from both the waveguide and the microdisplay/projector in one shot. ARTCs ensures high uniformity and superior image quality of the waveguide displays by eliminating their individual differences. So ARTCs can improve the yield and production of waveguide AR glasses.


Moving forward, JBD’s commitment to innovative R&D will deliver even better near-eye display solutions, propelling AR glasses towards exceptional image quality, lightweight design, and all-day wearability in indoor and outdoor environments.


About Jade Bird Display:


Founded in 2015, JBD has been focusing on developing the smallest, brightest, and most efficient micro-display panels. With a fab established in Hefei CHINA, JBD is considered as one of the leaders in MicroLED display technologies with its portfolio of active matrix MicroLED displays. For more information, visit JBD's website, LinkedIn or X(Twitter) pages.