Press Release: JBD and TOOZ enter Partnership for a new generation of smart glasses with prescription and full color virtual screens

Shanghai, China, January 20, 2022 – Jade Bird Display, a leading manufacturer in the development and mass-production of microLED displays, and tooz technologies, a start-up focused on the development of optics for data glasses, announced their strategic partnership to jointly develop a new generation of optical engines for smart glasses. The combination of the color microLED display engine by JBD and the curved waveguide by tooz enables sharp, full color virtual screens while keeping a slim and stylish form factor and fulfilling the essential function – individual vision correction – of everyday glasses. The companies have announced that a first demonstration will be unveiled at the Photonics West SPIE AR VR MR 2022 exhibition starting from the 24th of January 2022 in San Francisco, USA.

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Press Release: JBD’s 0.13" MircoLED Display Nominated for SPIE Prism Awards 2022 

BELLINGHAM, Washington, USA, December 15, 2021 – SPIE has Shortlisted JBD's 0.13" MicroLED display for the Prism Awards 2022 in the the Best Display category.
The winners will be announced in the awards ceremony to be held on the 26th of January 2022 at Moscone West, San Francisco.

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Press Release: JBD’s AmµLED™ MircoLED projector development kit for smart eyewear

Shanghai, China, November 24, 2021 – Jade Bird Display (Shanghai) Limited, JBD a leading microLED display manufacturer, has announced the release of its AmµLED™ MicroLED projectors & optical modules for smart eyewear. In addition, development kits are available to aid OEMs in their rapid development, evaluation and prototyping of their smart eyewear & Augmented Reality products. 

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Press Release: AR Smartglass Supplier Partnership 
to deliver the next generation of AR wearables

Shanghai, China, August 25, 2021 – WaveOptics, the pioneering designers of diffractive waveguides for Augmented Reality (AR) wearables, has announced a strategic supplier relationship with Jade Bird Display (JBD) for MicroLED microdisplays.

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Press Release: Partnership heralds microdisplay transformation

Shanghai, China, August 11, 2021 – University of Cambridge spin-out Porotech has today announced its first partnership – with Jade Bird Display (JBD) in China, a leader in micro-LED display technology. Porotech will be providing Shanghai-based JBD with its unique porous gallium nitride (GaN) technology that is set to transform the electronics industry.

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Press Release: JBD’s 0.13” J013X01VGA AmµLED™ MicroLED Displays, is a key enabling component for Information based Augmented Reality systems

Shanghai, China, 11th June 2021 – Jade Bird Display (Shanghai) Limited, JBD a leading microLED display manufacturer, has announced the Worldwide release of its 0.13” diagonal J013X01VGA microLED display series targeting information based Augmented Reality applications. Following the successful launch of the J013X01VGA 0.13” diagonal AmµLED™ microLED displays last year, this series of microLED displays has received a tremendous amount of interest from various OEMs designing information based Augmented Reality products. 

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Press Release: JBD’s 0.13” microLED display in mass production

Shanghai, China, 12th October 2020: JBD a leading microLED display manufacturer, will release its JBD4UM480P microLED display series extending the AmµLED™ family in November this year. This series has a display area of 0.13” (3.3 mm) in diagonal and a resolution of 640X480, possibly making it the world’s smallest and brightest VGA display panel ever made. Approaching the size of a grain of rice (Figure 1), the display panel can be easily designed into a smart glass due to its ultra-compact footprint.  Small and extremely powerful, the panels deliver luminance of 0.2 M nits, 2 M nits, and 0.15M nits for red, green, and blue, respectively for a power consumption of only a few hundred milliwatts under average operation conditions.  

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