Founded in 2015, JBD has been focusing on developing smallest, brightest, and most efficient micro-display panels.  JBD has achieved ultra-high yield and uniformity on the III-V and III-Nitride epilayer transfer and bonding onto CMOS wafers, making the hybrid integration technology commercially viable. JBD is currently transitioning from a research-and-development phase into a manufacturing-and-sales phase.  In April 2019, JBD is releasing a 5-micron-pitch series.  This series contains monochromatic panels with a resolution of 1280 by 720.  The 2.5-um pitch engineering samples are also available to customers by request.  The 2.5-um pitch series is scheduled to be released in late 2020.  With a pilot fab established in Shanghai CHINA, JBD continues to expand its manufacturing capacity and extend its development effort to support its customers. 

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Hybrid Intergration 

Group III-V semiconductors are the world’s most efficient and reliable light emitting materials. The silicon based ICs, with their unsurpassed capabilities in logic operation, signal processing, and data storage, are now used in virtually all electronic equipment and have revolutionized the human society. JBD's hybrid integration fuses the two open together, opening great opportunities in light-based technologies.

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As compared to DLP and LCOS, the AMuLED display panels do not require illumination light sources.  Light emission from III-V/Nitride compound semiconductors and digital image control from CMOS were integrated in a 0.5-mm-thick chip. This hybrid integration significantly reduces the complicity of the optics in VR or AR devices.

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600 to 10000 DPI

We currently offer 1200 DPI, 5000 DPI, 10000 DPI monochromatic active matrix micro-display panels.  We also offer 600+ DPI polychromatic active matrix micro-display panels.  The applications of these panels include projectors, AR/VR, wearable electronics display, lithography, weapon sights, HUD, etc.

High Brightness 

The compound semiconductor emitters in the AmuLED panels deliver much higher light output intensity as compared to OLED micro emitters. JBD’s 20-um pixel pitch AMuLED display panel can deliver 5M nits and 2.5-um pixel pitch (10000 DPI) 1 million nits at a peak wavelength of 625 nm. This brightness is several orders of magnitude higher that reported OLED micro-display performance.