Monochromatic 20-um pitch (1200 DPI) VGA

1200 DPI uLED panels are JBD's first-generation products with a diagonal of 0.63 inch in the display area. The pixel gray scale is controlled with different analog current. The total drive current can go up to 6A. Its excellent brightness allows it to be used for micro-projector, head-up display, weapon sights, etc.  


Monochromatic 7-um pitch (3600 DPI) 1080P

3600 DPI uLED panels features digital PWM drive and 1080P resolution. Each pixel delivers 2uA in electrical current and a panel offers hundreds of lumen in light output.  This series is a crossover between low-resolution 20-um-pitch product and 5-um-pitch product, an ideal choice for projector and weapon sight applications.  


Monochromatic 5.0-um pitch (5000 DPI) 720P 

In April 2019, JBD released 5000 DPI uLED panels to the market.  These panels are powered by a new IC backplane design, which features digital PWM control.  This series allow compact chip dimension of 0.4 inch, making suitable for the AR, VR, pico-projector, and other mobile display applications.   


Monochromatic 2.5-um pitch (10K DPI) 1080P

This cutting edge series feature a 1080P resolution with the smallest display area of 4.8mm x 2.7mm while maintaining high brightness.  Engineering samples are available for dedicated customers.  


Polychromatic 40-um pitch (630 DPI) 320X240

This polychromatic panel is released in Apr. 2019.  Designed for watch, wrist band, and HUD, this panel offers high brightness, light weight, and high EQE.  Containing no moving parts, this panel can be used in vibrating environment and wide operation temperatures. 


Control Boards

JBD offers control circuit boards to drive all JBD's micro display chips. Customers have options to directly adopt JBD's control boards or design their own control board/chip with JBD's assistant and instructions. 


Development Kit

MicroLED panel, control board, connectors, cables are put together as a development kit for customers who are interested in testing and evaluating JBD's product.  



Wavelength, resolution, pixel pitch, brightness, form factor of the micro-display panel can be tailored to customers unique requirements and specifications.  Contact us and we will customize the micro-display panels for your applications.  

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