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AmµLED™ Polychrome Projectors

Polychrome MicroLED Projector

AmµLED™ polychrome projector is only 1.35cc in volume, has a FOV of 30° & weighs nominally 2.3 grams. In the polychrome module projector, a x-cube prism is used to combine images from three individual monochrome panels attached to the faces of the X-cube prism. Both the monochrome & polychrome projectors are focused at infinity.  

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640 x 480 (VGA)

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pixel pitch & ppi 

 Pitch 4 µm, 5000PP

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field of view

FOV: 30° Diagonal

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exit pupil dia.


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colour projector 

"1st of its kind"

The Polychrome projector is the 1st colour MicroLED projector to be commercially available. It uses a X-cube to reproduce brilliant saturated colours from monochrome red, green and blue microLED panels.

designed for waveguides

"Seamless integration with full colour waveguides"

The polychrome projector works with all types of full colour waveguides such as diffractive, reflective & LC waveguides. It is suitable for waveguides with FOV up to 30° (diagonal) & input grating diameter of up to 5 mm

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small form-factor

"Smart glasses in eyewear form-factor"

The Polychrome projector weighs approximately 2.3g and has a volume of only 1.35cc, the smallest full colour MicroLED projector ever made for AR glasses.