Packs a Punch!

AmµLED™ Monochrome Projectors

 Monochrome MicroLED Projector

AmµLED™ monochrome projector is only 0.35cc in volume, has a FOV of 30° & nominally weighs nominally 0.60 grams. It is available in red, green and blue. It can be used for monochrome smart eyeglasses development or it can be used in RGB waveguides with multiple input couplers for polychrome applications. 

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640 x 480 (VGA)

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pixel pitch & ppi 

 Pitch 4 µm, 5000PP

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field of view

FOV: 30° Diagonal

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exit pupil dia.


AmµLED™  - Monochrome Projector 2.jpg

Smallest projector 

"Smart glasses in eyewear form-factor"

Our Monochrome projector weighs approximately 1g and has a volume of only 0.35cc, the smallest projector ever made for AR glasses. This projector truly enables the design of Smart glasses in eyewear form factor.

designed for waveguides

"Light engine designed with partners"

Our monochrome projectors were born out of extensive collaboration with our Waveguide partner. The projector seamlessly couples with a variety of waveguides with FOV up to 30° (diagonal) & input grating diameter of up to 5 mm

AmµLED™ - Monochrome Optical Module 2.jpg

high brightness projectors

"Tiny but mighty & works outdoors"


At the heart of the projector is our ultr-high brightness 0.13" display with on chip Microlens array (PixelOptics™). The collimated light from the display is efficiently coupled to the waveguides. It is the only light engine capable of displaying content in outdoor lighting conditions packed in a tiny volume.

Crossing the Finish Line

Industry firsts

"Multiple podium finishes"

It is the 1st ever MicroLED projector to be commercially available. It is the smallest & the lightest projector available for AR using any know display technology. The highest brightness to volume & weight ratios. It has become the light engine of choice for smart glasses.