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AmµLED™ Displays for AR & VR Head Mounted Devices

Our state of the art AmµLED™ microLED displays are self-emissive and require no light sources and optical components.  These panels come in the smallest form factor & highest pixel density making them the ideal imaging source for AR & VR headsets. AmµLED™ displays have integrated PixelOptics™ for efficient coupling with optics.

It is the only display technology that delivers the high brightness, contrast, efficiency, response time & reliability requirements for near eye display applications.

Sports AR

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AmµLED™ Displays for Sports AR

Augmented reality has found its way into enhancing sports experiences. Smart goggles have been invented for swimming, skiing, scuba diving & cycling enthusiasts and the market is predicted to grow at a rapid pace.

Battery life or run-time between charges with excellent contrast, outdoor readability & micro form factor are must have qualities of a display used in these devices. AmµLED™ microLED displays can generate tens of thousands of nits for only a few milliwatts of power consumption and is available in active areas as small as 2.64 mm x 2 mm.

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Sport Optics

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AmµLED™ Displays for Sports Optics

Sports optical instruments such as golf rangefinders or rangefinders integrated into instruments such as binoculars and spotting scopes are always used outdoors and need to have excellent outdoor readability and consume the least amount of power. AmµLED™ microLED displays can deliver millions of nits for excellent outdoor readability.

Head-up Displays

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AmµLED™ Displays for HUD Applications

AmµLED™ microLED displays can operate in a wide temperature range from - 50° C to 100° C and high humidity up to 85% RH. There are no micro-electrical mechanical systems in our microLED displays making them resilient to vibrations & recoils.

MicroLEDs are self-emissive displays without any backlighting, offering the highest possible contrast (>10,000:1) and dynamic range, vital requirements for applications such as HUD, Helmet mounted optics, night/thermal vision goggles & Reticles.

Holographic Sights 

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AmµLED™ Displays for Holographic sights

Red LEDs are used for generating Red Dot in sights. Although effective, end users have for long desired reticles with more features to assist in aiming. This requires extremely small, rugged and efficient microdisplays.


MicroLED display is a revolutionary technology for the military & leisure weapon sights industry and is set to become the only type of display capable of delivering unparalleled luminance & contrast in the smallest of form factors.

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3D Printing

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AmµLED™ Displays for 3D Printing

Resin 3D printers have become synonymous with accurate rapid prototyping. Such 3D printers work by selectively exposing liquid photopolymer resin to a light source (a projector with a display) to form very thin solid layers of plastic that stack up to create a solid object.

Compared to SLA/laser 3D printers, projector based systems are much faster. Our microLED displays can be tuned to wavelengths down to 380nm for curing a variety of photopolymer resins. AmµLED™ displays can either be used as a light source for DMDs or used as standalone light sources instead of DLP projectors with increased accuracy & throughput.