AmµLED™ 0.13" Display

Cutting Edge MicroLED Display

AmµLED™ 0.13" series of microLED displays has an active area of 0.13” (3.3 mm) in diagonal and a resolution of 640X480, possibly making it the world’s smallest and brightest VGA display panel ever made. Small and extremely powerful, the panels deliver luminance of 0.25 M nits, 4 M nits, and 0.5M nits for red, green, and blue, respectively for a power consumption of only a few hundred milliwatts under average operation conditions. Due to its ultra-compact footprint, high brightness, micro lens array (PixelOptics™) & end-of-line uniformity (Demura) correction this display has been widely accepted by OEMs developing information based Augmented reality systems such as Smart glasses, Sports AR glasses/goggles, holographic sights, sports optics & HUD for motorcycles. 

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640 x 480 (VGA)

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pixel pitch & ppi 

 Pitch 4 µm, 5000PP

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active area

2.64 mm x 2 mm

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refresh rate

Up to 125 Hz

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max luminance

Up to 4M Nits

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Red, Green & Blue

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pixel drive



Ultra HIGH Brightness

"Shine right like a diamond"

Our 0.13" MicroLED Displays deliver unparalleled brightness. Up to 0.25 Million Nits in Red, 4 Million Nits in Green & 0.5 Million Nits in Blue

Ultra Compact Form-Factor

"Smaller than a grain of rice"

With an active area of 2.64 mm x 2mm our 0.13" (diagonal) MicroLED display is the smallest VGA (640x480p) resolution display with the highest pixel density >5000 PPI.

0.13” J013X01VGA AmµLED™ 5.jpg

collimated light distribution

"High Optical Coupling Efficiency"


On chip Microlens array (PixelOptics™) collimates the near-Lambertian distribution from the Microdisplay to a FWHM of 55°. This ensures optimum coupling efficiency with near-eye display optics

high efficiency displays

"Make your batteries last longer"

Our 0.13" MicroLED displays are highly efficient. Small batteries can continuously operate the displays for many hours and even days! Typical use case with an APL of 6%, the display consumes as little as 15mW and delivers >1 Million nits (in Green).

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